Game related translation / interpreting business + support business

Game related translation / interpreting business + support business のカバー画像
  • 年収 350万円〜600万円
  • 東京都港区六本木
  • Game related translation / interpreting+business
  • 正社員
  • 11:00〜20:00

Operation of online casino games, work at a production company, translation / interpreter work. This position comes with visa support.

People who have an adventurous spirit are welcome. There are also overseas business trips, so it's recommended to those who like to go abroad!

Currently we have offices in Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Estonia, Romania and Malta. We were listed on the NEXmarket in the UK in 2015.

◆ Detail

Translation / Interpretation at Game Planning Department + support business

The following tasks are included.

· Interpretation during Skype Meetings with Estonia, Romanian staff and overseas business partners.

· English, Japanese and English translations of contracts, mails, game development proposals, related materials

· Researching that exploited English

· We also have business trips including show meetings and shows held in various countries around the world (there are sudden business trips, etc. etc.

We have developing games for overseas as the main business, especially focusing on creating new casino games with creative Japanese content. We also have licenses and we legally offer games to casino sites around the world

◆ Requirements:


  • MUST have Japanese / English Language ability at a BUSINESS level

  • MUST have work experience over 3 years

  • MUST like support work

  • MUST have game love or play experience

◆ Salary

Annual income from 3,500,000 yen to 6,000,000 yen

  • We will decide the salary taking into consideration the current annual income and ability.

  • Working hours 11: 00-20: 00

(The basic time is the above time, but we will work flexibly within 11: 00 ~ 23: 00)

  • Treatment Various Social Insurance

  • Transportation expenses

  • Paid holiday

  • Business trip allowance

  • There is a prize system

  • Year Annual holiday More than 120 days

(Saturday, Sundays, holidays / GW / summer / year-end / New year vacation / condolence holiday)

Visa support is available

◆ Location

Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

ENT Corporation

  • ENT Co. Ltd. is cooperating with ASUKA Co. Ltd. for recruiting opportunities.

  • This position is under private recruitment. We will tell you the company name only when we do the interview

給与 年収 350万円〜600万円
We will decide the salary taking into consideration the current annual income and ability.
勤務地 1 東京都港区六本木 東京都港区六本木
職種 Game related translation / interpreting+business
雇用形態 正社員
勤務時間 11:00〜20:00
店舗名・支店名 非公開


会社名 ENT株式会社

掲載開始: 2018年10月09日〜